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Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
And Zimmerman never should have followed Martin. Tell the 911 girl send the police instead of deciding to follow. Tell your neighborhood watch captains in similar situations to just stay in the car.

See how easy that is?
I agree my advice goes both ways. See someone in your neighborhood? call the cops. Unless someone is being assaulted or in danger never get your gun and go play cop. But...........that doesn't rise to the level of deparved indifference, malice, hatred, the intent that i am going out to kill this boy or do him great harm.

They haven't come close to proving that. Zimmerman comes much closer to outright proving it was self defense and at time of shooting he was in a fight for his life with Martin.

Only a few more days to go though Houghtam. How about Zimmerman goes down for murder 2 I leave the mane for however long he goes to prison. If not you leave the Mane until Manning no longer our QB.
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