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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Not surprised you missed the point. The point is can a President take a law passed by Congress, and then just change what he wants when he wants. The question is what precedent does that set?

Obama uses this relatively new theory of executive actions. Not orders that have a set way of being handled but rather just an action where he calls a govt agency and tells them what he wants them to do.

He tells treasury dept to delay a provision of Obama care so they do it for him. Do you want that precedent set? Obama has expanded Presidential powers in a scary way.

How about Congress passes a tax cut, but the President just orders the IRS to delay it. Or the President tells the IRS to delay a tax raise, it could go either way. The thing is if Congress passes, the President signs into law, can we then have a President who just changes the law after the fact?
No different than selective enforcement, which is neither new nor has it really been considered a bad thing until recently.
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