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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by enjolras View Post
Elvis chose to walk. He had a better offer on the table here. He chose not to take it.
What are you, his agent? You don't know that at all.

You have no idea how much was guaranteed, reachable incentives, etc. ****, you don't even know what the Broncos actually offered!

Here's what we do know: We played chicken with Elvis over a little bit of extra money and lost.

Now if you want to hang your hat on "Elvis spurned us!" without giving any consideration as to why that may be, then go for it. But the fact remains, that we lost one of the BEST pass rushers in the game, as well as a team captain and lockerroom favorite, just so we could have some extra cap room in the coffers right now.

And that's ****ing stupid from ANY perspective.
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