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Mike Shanahan

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
I'm just giving you **** Razor! I don't think PM and Favre are the same, other than both want to enhance their legacy. Brett was almost doing it to prove GB wrong for releasing him. He had a personal vendetta.

PM is after SB wins to cement his legacy as the GOAT. After looking at the terms of the free agent signings 2 years, everyone thinks its a two year window he has remaining. The fan in me hopes he plays longer of course. But if he's healthy and performing at a high level, I see no reason for him to retire, I think he could play out the contract! He is after SB wins, if we were fortunate to win this year I don't think he would retire. If we were even more fortunate to go back to back, that could be different!

There's too many variables to predict, I just hope we get to enjoy multiple years of Manning. I hope he at the very least plays out the contract and brings home multiple SB wins!
Hey BMore, looked into that Rodgers thing I told you about but didnt have time to dig up. This is the closest I could find but it must be a different interview because he didnt have Peyton in his top 5 for the other one:

On his top five quarterbacks (not including himself):

Tom Brady is the best by far. Its not even close. Drew Brees has got to be right there. Tony Romos a good player. Ill take Philip Rivers there. And Peyton, hes right there. No order except for Tom being the best. He does things that other guys cant do. His pocket presence is better than those guys by far. He throws a better ball than just about all those guys. Hes a winner better than all those guys.
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