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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by razorwire77 View Post
Not Archie, but I think it's common sense to believe that a couple of years is probably his window. If for example he were to go out this year as a Superbowl MVP, you really think he's coming back? Doubt he pulls a Brett Farve.
I'm just giving you **** Razor! I don't think PM and Favre are the same, other than both want to enhance their legacy. Brett was almost doing it to prove GB wrong for releasing him. He had a personal vendetta.

PM is after SB wins to cement his legacy as the GOAT. After looking at the terms of the free agent signings 2 years, everyone thinks its a two year window he has remaining. The fan in me hopes he plays longer of course. But if he's healthy and performing at a high level, I see no reason for him to retire, I think he could play out the contract! He is after SB wins, if we were fortunate to win this year I don't think he would retire. If we were even more fortunate to go back to back, that could be different!

There's too many variables to predict, I just hope we get to enjoy multiple years of Manning. I hope he at the very least plays out the contract and brings home multiple SB wins!
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