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Originally Posted by lolcopter View Post
at least the redirect to the new info is instant and you don't have to reload an entire page every single time. they design these sites like this intentionally, spreading the information/list across multiple pages, because more pages = more advertising = more money

anyway, denver is a pretty legit place to live. we get tons of sunshine with beautiful weather year round. the altitude takes some getting used to for outsiders, and the dry heat makes it really dry around here, but it's much much better than humidity. the social/cultural vibe here is very relaxed with a western feel to it, tons of great beer everywhere and the weed thing is pretty ridiculous compared to the rest of the country.

the only real downsides to denver are traffic (which doesn't compare to southern california or anything), and coincidentally the city is full of TERRIBLE DRIVERS, probably in part due to it's transient nature.

edit: still going through the list, but right off the bat i like how the go L.A. to anchorage haha
I'd agree with traffic. I'd also add iffy air quality from time to time. Smoke, smog and dust seems to hang out right above downtown.

And Colorado Springs has worse drivers then Denver does. 400,000 people who all believe they have the right of way.

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