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Originally Posted by TheChamp24 View Post
If Heat have zero championships, they would be in the same boat as the Dolphins most likely.
But those people LIVE for college football. Gators, Seminoles, and Hurricanes to a lesser extent.
As for baseball, even when the Marlins were winning their World Series, attendance was ****ty. They had great teams, but attendance was so crappy still.
They went out and spent a boat load on guys two offseasons ago, and basically failed on every move they made. So they had two choices, keep the guys and hope they rebound, or trade them away for prospects. I think they made the right moves. They are going to be awful for a few years, but if these guys can progress like they are capable of, they could be a solid club again.
If the heat had zero chips and were consistent bottom feeders. Yes, nobody would give a ****. Lucky, the Heat have an excellent owner/gm. They are at the tops in the league. Hence, what you see today. Champions

Baseball? After every world series the team was blown up and back to the bottom. It's amazing this city has won world championships, but the following blown up of the team has been too much. They spent money on the team to move into the new stadium. No playoffs, blow it up. It's an awful recipe down here. What I do commend the Marlins for is that they grab/develop excellent prospects. Problem is, if they become worth a damn, they're shipped off to somewhere else. Terrible way to run an organization and develop a fan base.

South Florida live for college football? meh, it is not like in the traditional south. south florida is divided amongst the 3 major florida teams in popularity, and to add a majority of the people are scattered amongst them with all the colleges in florida.
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