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that stupid contact they gave Mays was a bad move, he'll be gone
They did say he will be gone or renegotiated. He is a very good special teamer but not at his current salary of course.

Originally Posted by Mile High Report
Joe Mays
Ht 5-11 Wt: 245
Age: 27 Exp: 6
Incoming Camp Status: Roster bubble

Pop-quiz Broncos fans! Who is the sixth highest paid player on the roster? Did you guess Joe Mays? If you did, you cheated, but you were right. Mays was demoted as the starting middle linebacker in 2012, after reportedly continuously incorrectly relaying the defensive play call from the headset to the huddle.

Cutting Mays would cost Denver $833,334 in dead money, but with his current cap figure being $4,166,667 the savings would be $3,333,333. Now, the only thing that is not entirely clear is why the Broncos have yet to pull the trigger on that roster cut. Mays may be in a situation similar to what Willis McGahee was in, where Denver has to prove that he is healthy in order to not get stuck with an injury settlement.

Camp outlook: While his contract is screaming to at least be renegotiated-- if not alleviated completely, it may serve the Broncos well to try to retain Mays in some shape. Irving has a history of concussions, Johnson is two seasons from an ACL tear and Bradley hasn't been healthy completely since 2007.

That and the Houston Texans (who Denver faces in Week 16) quarterback Matt Schaub is likely terrified of Mays.

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