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Originally Posted by Broncos4Life View Post
The fact that you even ask this shows your IQ. KC supposedly has a collection of some of the best talent in the West. Just Like Philly had last 2 seasons right? And what did Reid do with those teams? If Reid is going to be the best HC in the division, he's going to have to prove it.
Fox's last 2 seasons in Carolina were very similar to Reid's last two years in Philly as far as their decline goes. They coasted in the 2nd to last year and then just fell apart their last year.
Last year Philly had injuries everywhere. Vick, Jackson, their LT. All hurt. Also consider that his son died literally right before the season started. Pretty obvious that affected him emotionally and he wasn't all there.

Reid has only had 2 losing seasons this century. That's pretty impressive. Also 11th in playoffs wins while doing excellent work with a handful of QB's.

Of course Fox looks good now, and he's done a great job with your defense, but we all know he has nothing to do with the offense. Manning is playing the biggest role and Fox is in a great situation.

Fox plays not to lose, just like Marty. I'd rather have Reid's aggressive mentality.

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