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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by chadta View Post
You guys are all on crack. a Seattle team would do absolutely nothing to the attendance figures for the Canucks.

The canucks have a waiting list for season tickets, and have been sold out for almost 500 straight games

The biggest problem with seattle is the building, the 2 other teams that played in rinks that only held 11,000 people both almost went bankrupt, ask the sharks or the sens how it is to start off in such a deep hole.

Vancouver fans would actually help fill the building in seattle, at least a few games, not that its hard to fill a building thats only going to hold 11,000 people.

For the love of GOD homer, dont give Giroux an 8 year deal worth that stupid amount of money off one good year, see what he does this year, if its back to what he did in 11-12 then fine do it, but if last year is what we get its a massive overpayment as he was just a good player and nowhere near elite last year.
He's a really good player..and the face of the have no choice but to give him what he wants dude.
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