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Originally Posted by gunns View Post
Me too. Never voted for him and never betrayed him REGARDLESS of what some try to say. DB and I go way back and have been tragic figures in past Survivors. It's his turn. I campaigned long and hard for Kaylore to go, BS and Falconer because of being female and reacting sensitively...and wrong to a situation. I felt the worst about Falconer, because he's such a nice guy. But it's Survivor and he was too good to stay in the game.

**** YOU phibacka and Dr. B.
I really wanted to trust you too gunns. People told me that you were campaigning against me, but I thought I could show you how I was not a threat to you. Even the round that I was voted out, I tried to steer votes clear of you. That's what I get. The only woman I can trust is my wife. this is all good fun though. I love the paranoia that sets in on everybody. Good luck, and may the best MAN win. How did you like that gunns?
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