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Well when you win 2 World Series Championships in what, 3 years? It kind of gets overlooked when a team barely treads .500.
Scutaro, Posey and Pence have been very solid this year.
Rest are meh, or tanking hard. Sandoval and Crawford are tanking hardcore after decent starts.
Before Lincecum tanked it, I was thinking they should've traded Bumgarner for some offensive help. Now their pitching is meh and they need him drastically.
Without Guillen getting busted for Roids Cody Ross doesn't see the field during that WS run. They've ignored offense for a while in hopes their pitching could save them. Now their pitching stinks added in a anemic offense and you get the worst team in baseball over the last month.

Going back to Torres is laughable. Glaring need in left field and they didnt seem to care. Now they have to swim in the filth that is below mediocrity.