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that's the whole point though, is that consumers shouldn't be forced to download third party applications to return the desktop function to what was the previous standard. i could certainly tweak it however i like, but that's only because i'm a dork and i'm into all this tech staff. i don't think an aunt, a grandfather, or any other random consumer would have as much knowledge in that regard, and that's why microsoft's current mode of business is frustrating -- the are taking an already widely successful product, and trying to force feed all this new crap THEY think is now better.

fwiw, the only windows i own is an old vista copy. i'm running 8 and 8.1 in virtualbox just to play around to see if i'd want to pay for the upgrade. i don't.
In reality what I think they're trying to do is 'teach' everyone their mobile UI by forcing it on them in Windows on their PC @ home. Then when you go to Best Buy and look at tablets, you'll look at Windows tablets and say "Hey, I already know how to do everything, it's just like my PC at home" They're that desperate to get into the Mobile/Tablet market.

Unfortunately using a PC like a tablet is a bad idea. They'd be better off focusing on how to allow tablets to do what PCs do (as much as possible)

For example, there's still not a really credible Microsoft Office platform for tablets or mobile. That could be a game changer, but they chose not to go there with Office '13, instead focusing on making those of us with huge widescreen monitors explore every corner of the world in order to get even the simplest tasks done (reboot?)

Windows 8 is terrible on the desktop. Taking out everything it brought in can't be considered a solution.
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