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Won't argue any of your points as I can't speak to your technical capability or perception of what is / is not intuitive, but I for one can make 8.1 look alot like 7 now. Plus you do not pay for the update if you already own 8.
that's the whole point though, is that consumers shouldn't be forced to download third party applications to return the desktop function to what was the previous standard. i could certainly tweak it however i like, but that's only because i'm a dork and i'm into all this tech stuff. i don't think an aunt, a grandfather, or any other random consumer would have as much knowledge in that regard, and that's why microsoft's current mode of business is frustrating -- the are taking already widely successful (and highly praised) products, and trying to force feed all this new crap THEY think is now better.

fwiw, the only windows i own is an old vista copy. i'm running 8 and 8.1 in virtualbox just to play around to see if i'd want to pay for the upgrade. i don't.

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