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Originally Posted by BroncoMan4ever View Post
you actually got more than the 26. I sent in my 9 zombie bites at you as well. for some reason and for like the 3rd time this game, my votes didn't get counted.
Your votes got counted. I just forgot to hit equal in the calculator, yours was the last one Inputted thus a slight error. But I argue that your votes were never discounted, unless by voter error or other block.

I just verified on my spreadsheets too. I do not believe I ever saw a PM from you stating your vote was missed. Again don't forget voter error or other block. If I am mistaken then my bad.

There was a mistake in I sent a PM to you about screwing up round 7 but I also replied stating it was sent to you by mistake and your votes were counted.

Edit just so we are clear that your claim is totally false:

Your votes were fine in round 8 as well. In fact rounds 1 though 6 were tallied as well.

So rule out voter error, but some of who you voted for may have been negated. I do not have the energy to find that. But to say your vote was not counted 3 times is actually complete ****ing bull****.

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