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These are your survivors up to this point. Who is the wiliest game player of them all? It's time for the audience to decide.


Each contestant gets 10 votes of damage to fire at their opponents. These may be spread however they like. Then the audience makes its will known.

Rabb, Dbroncs, Irish Stout: it is your job to write a manifesto for the audience; a written statement declaring to all of us why you are the greatest Survivor player left in the game, describing why your opponents are so inferior, and why YOU deserve to be the Survivor champion.

Upon reading your statement, and perhaps looking over the game thread for a bit, the audience members will be able to vote for who they think is the most deserving champion. When they post in the thread they are to cast a vote FOR Rabb, Dbroncs, or Stout. To cast a vote they just need to type, 'Rabb', 'Dbroncos4Life', or 'Irish Stout' into a post on the Survivor thread. Each Mane member's vote in the thread will be counted as a +1 for that Crew Member. So, if Rabb hits DBroncs with all 10 votes of damage, and Taco John votes FOR Dbroncs, Dbroncs would be at a -9 for the round. EACH MEMBER OF THE MANE GETS ONE VOTE. This includes former players in the game.

Now, our interlopers have done a lot of work on this game. I'm going to make their thumbs up for somebody worth 2 positive votes. I will even give Q and The Borg a vote, but they will only be good for a +1

The voting on the Survivor thread is open right now! Get those votes in!!

We will crown our new Survivor Champion at 8 PM MDT / 10 PM EDT

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