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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Don't plan on going back and forth with you on this all day but I will say that comparing a show like Glee that's target audience is teens, to a drama series is apples and oranges, not to mention those shows are free to watch, while Showtime is not. Of course anything decent on basic TV will normally have a higher viewing audience then a premier channel you have to pay for. But it's all relative. I bet all those teens think Glee is a good show, even though someone like yourself does not. It's noted, you didn't think last season of Dexter was well written. Millions of others I'm sure thought it was. To each their own I guess. I guess we both can agree, that Dexter is a successful show. While it may be great for some, good for others and maybe even average for some, it is a successful show.
well written. I highly recommend reading the first book that season one was based on.
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