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Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
I don't know about you Ray but I don't watch stuff I don't like. When you say "good" it's a relative term. Apparently 6.5 million other people thought it was good. You can't please them all. Just face it, you're one of the few who didn't like last season, while millions loved it.
I never said I do not like Dexter, I simply said that it was not a good season. I watch the show since I read the books prior to the series starting and still do. If you read the books, then watched the show, you may have a different opinion.

I loved the show Lost but disliked the final season because it wasn't written well. It was rushed. That doesn't mean I stopped watching it.

American Idol, Glee, and the Voice are highly rated and watched shows, that does not mean they are good.....
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