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I have mixed feelings about Snowden. He did reveal secrets that could hurt our nation's security, but he did reveal how hypocritical this country is about that security, especially in the media. Do nothing about the border. Do not follow muslims around. But keep records of what grandma does after she leaves the Bingo game. Ridiculous. It would not surprise me if Islamists have already sneaked a nuke or 2 in this country waiting for the right time with the idiocy that has gone on for so many years. One thing is clear in all of this: None of this is about securing our nation. This is all about politics, especially if true the NSA has been using info. to blackmail people. It appears playing politics is going to get more people killed. This is what people are proud of. Those that were so against the Patriot Act before 2009 are sure silent today. But it's not about politics
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