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Sorry but you need to be wary of Wikipedia when the issue is 9/11.

At the trial of Zacharias Mouassoui in 2006 the FBI only defended two of the 9/11 phone calls. I think we may fairly presume that the rest never happened.

That said, I have stayed away from the 9/11 cell phone calls in my writing -- because the issue is so contentious. There is much better agreement on some other 9/11 issues --

My forthcoming Chomsky piece will focus on the best evidence -- not the contentious stuff.

The issue wasn't 9/11. The issue was 'how cell phones work'

And the science behind it isn't unique to cell phones. Elevation is known to aid any form of rf transmission/reception because it dispenses with physical obstacles. In reality you're reversing the question.

Instead of asking whether cell phones work from airplanes, ask yourself why they wouldn't.
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