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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
There are no inconsistencies in his story that aren't considered natural in remembering a traumatic event. The term "ground and pound" merely makes reference to being pinned down and getting punched, more typically in a defenseless manner. His statements on the phones are irrelevant in the sense that his statements on the phone didn't put anyone's life at risk nor were they illegal or inappropriate. They do match up with someone who's interested in the security of their neighborhood. It's not a matter of believing everything of what Zimmerman states and everything to do with there being no one alive to refute it and the forensic evidence being consistence with his account.

And what Isaid was. "There is a reason this didn't go to trial in the first place." That reason is the states case is weak. Especially for murder 2. Now manslaughter is a different matter.
His statements on the phone are most certainly relevant, and as I pointed out to you, are the REASON they went with Murder 2 and not manslaughter.

Your irrational concern for the future of gun rights based on the result of this case is clouding your view of the facts being presented in the case. There are major inconsistencies. Saying he ducked into some bushes when there was nothing of that sort is very difficult to pin as "misremembering".

Our judicial system gives presumption of innocence, it does not give presumption of telling the truth. There are major inconsistencies, and they need to be explained to the jury.

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