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Whistleblower Andrew MacGuire says the Indians/Chinese just purchased 580 tons of gold...

MacGuire says the Fed's downward manipulation of gold and silver cannot continue. It is being driven by naked short selling in the paper markets.

According to PCR, the Fed is doing this to support the dollar -- and to help insiders in the too big to fail banks to make easy money. He calls it recapitalization.

However, the Chinese and Indians are also exploiting the situation to acquire large quantities of physical gold. The Chinese are buying gold with their huge reservoir of US dollars.

580 tons of gold is more than the annual rate of production of all existing gold mines.

That cost what in US dollars? Imagine the inflation this could cause if this flood of US dollars gets flushed into the economy. This alone could push us into hyperinflation.

Macguire says the market will eventually turn against the manipulators. New gold markets are appearing all over the world. Demand has never been higher. When the US/UK manipulators lose control of the market gold/silver prices will soar. Mark

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