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If the Broncos ask him to move to safety ( in 2014) it will be because he can help the team more there , than at CB. And that means that we have someone that can take the CB role and fulfill it better ( reasons for this can be multiple...Champ getting older and unable to keep up with WRs for one, or finding a different player with similar or better skill set, or simply needing him to fill a safety spot because we are weaker there and have adequate CBs to take over his position there).

While he is still a very good CB he is getting paid very well, and he must realize that he can't keep that job much longer, especially at his pay . The Broncos will not ask him to move just to cut his pay, although that would be a part of it. He has been a good teammate, but refusing a requested move to a position that would extend his career would not be, and would shorten his time here. 2014 is AFTER this coming season, and should not be unexpected, especially if he declines in coverage any more.

Hopefully we win the bowl this year, and cement his legacy as one of the best. But that window is closing.
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