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Default Should Champ Move To Saftey in 2014 if Asked?

He's still the Champ. I am not sure why Broncos fans have a problem with cornerback Champ Bailey's play last season. Yeah, he had some problems in the playoff loss to Baltimore, but Bailey also didn't have a lot of help over the top in that game. People are so used to Bailey completely shutting down every receiver that when he lets a play slip, folks think the world is ending. He is slowing down, but Bailey is still better than 90 percent of the cornerbacks in the league. So get off his back.

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Kiz: Bailey did stink against the Ravens. But, in my book, he is way more Champ than chump. The issue is not whether Bailey will play well at cornerback this season. Count on another invitation to the Pro Bowl. This issue will be Bailey's reaction if the Broncos ask him to move to safety in 2014.

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