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D.J. Williams

Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
he gets compared to Crosby alot but i think he'll be closer to Sakic production wise.

i badly want Mueller in the 2nd. be happy with Hagg or Theodore too.
Heatherington would be awesome if he fell to round 3 but someone will snap him up in round 2.

the only team likely to move up with the goods to match what we want is Florida.

not going to happen. Colorado doesn't need to deal EJ and Tampa would be dumb as hell to deal Hedman.

there is nothing the pens can leverage to get a pick. it's widely known Letang wants Toronto and won't take less than 7.75 mil from the pens or something crazy.

no it won't. everyone knows the Pens have to deal him and this draft is way too deep to deal a 1st for Letang.
no team is going to give up a ton for Letang and still have to pay him Suter and Weber money.
well Philly would but there is no way they can right now.

edit: let me clarify that. no team is going to give up what the pens want initially for Letang. a first, roster player and prospect is not going to happen.
not and have to pay him franchise D money.
Wrong. It is not widely known he wants to go Toronto. That was made up by Rob Rossi......who last year also told us that Yandle to PIT was a "done deal" save it.

Also the whole "they can't get X cause everyone knows they have to deal him" is a crap argument. Last year not only was it known that Staal HAD to be dealt, but it was also known that regardless of what happened he would end up signing with Carolina and they STILL raped Carolina..,.with a 15 inch dick.

A first, roster player and prospect are the terms.....or a really good roster player and a prospect. The UFA market is hot garbage. That alone will spur demand.
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