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Been a rough few years for Avs fans. Football will always be king for me but there is little more exciting than NHL playoffs. The decisions by the Avs in the next 48 hours are going to be huge to get us back on that stage. Part of me doesn't want us to move. Take McKinnon who's the best player on the board and be done with it. Partner him up with some of the skill we already have and go from there. Maybe dip into the FA pool to looking for some defensemen and goal-tenders. Anybody care to take a guess as to what type of upside McKinnon has comparing to current NHL all-stars?
Currently: Steven Stamkos

Previously: Pavel Bure

He might be better than both. Who knows. One reason I like MacKinnon is because it's more likely that he'll significantly refine skills than it is that Drouin will become a faster/stronger skater.

For all that is made about Seth Jones' skill set, MacKinnon skated around him at the blue line during a crucial moment and made it look fairly easy. That speed/skill should create a lot of chances.

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