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Avs will not drop below #4. they've said that repeatedly and meant it.
if you stay in the top 4 you will draft one of MacKinnon,Drouin,Jones or Barkov.
they're the unquestioned top 4 players in the draft. Nichushkin is really good but 5th best.
no reason to drop down that fair. Buffalo offered all their firsts as well.

we want Florida to give us Gudbranson and #2 for the #1.

though personally i want whatever trade that forces us to take Seth Jones. which would probably be dropping down to #4 with Nashville. who wants to deal up for MacKinnon but they also love Barkov and know he will likely go #4 to them if MacKinnon goes #1.

doubt Tanguay is on the 2nd line over Downie. Downie is grittier and more physical.
i just don't see the Avs taking Hejduk back. he wants to play under Roy badly but he's basically done.
Then the Avs are probably taking MacKinnon--assuming they're being honest. The top 4 doesn't have a wealth of picks/players to offer, not to mention, they, too, can take a Barkov/Jones/Druin.

I'm a MacKinnon guy. There's a premium on speed and scoring now.

I really think they'd be better off with the F at 1 and D at 32. They'll likely get someone like Hagg/Morin/Morrissey/Theodore/McCoshen/Bowey/Bigras in rd 2.

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