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Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Trayvon Martin was listed on his death certificate as 5'11" and 158 pounds.
Originally Posted by DenverBrit
PA's testimony that Zimmerman had an MMA training regime 3 times a week. Again, 'life in danger'? A tough sell.
This plus Good's testimony where he says the bigger guy was on top. Yes, he describes the skin color and clothing color, but under cross examination admitted that the light that illuminated the area only went as far as his patio.

On a dark street (where you have light in between you and what you're looking at but not pointing at where you're looking...essentially washing it out), you're going to be much less likely to notice color, especially if the two people are on top of one another and moving around, than you would notice body size. Zimmerman clearly was the bigger body than Martin.

At least that's how I would be taking it as a juror based on the testimony I heard from the witness' mouths themselves, not on some partisan website.
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