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Originally Posted by Garcia Bronco View Post
Actually the police reports and the crime committed in the area is a matter of public record. Further, your neighborhood has nothing to do with it. And like I explained, he was exhibiting behavior that can be reasonably defined as odd to a neighborhood watchmen.

All of that however is irrelevant:

The crime committed by Martin is when he returned to Zimmerman and started a fight with him. To his credit, I guess, was that he was winning. And that's why he got shot, because Zimmerman though his life was in danger.
That is the crux.

From what I saw of his injuries, I wouldn't buy into that, unless it could be proven that he's such a milktoast, that he reasonably thought a couple of scratches and a bloody nose equals 'life threatening.'

Tough sell.

Edit: Just been reminded of the PA's testimony that Zimmerman had an MMA training regime 3 times a week. Again, 'life in danger'? A tough sell.

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