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The confusion is also around the vote that Irish sent at 2:34pm:

hoton Torpedoes fired: Full quantity target DB4L

Phasers fired: 2 phasers at Heyneck

Pain chip (if applicable): Used

If I am beamed aboard with DB4L and Steven, I would like to change my torpedo vote to Bmore Manning. If that can be played.

Thank you sirs!
Frankly your vote should be entirely invalidated because you did not follow the round directions and told me to use 2 phasers at Heyneck when the round stated 3, so I applied 3. You were beamed up to DB4L's ship so I applied your photon torpedo at Bmoremanning.

I think the confusion lies within the photon torpedo from Q or the photon torpedo carried over.

I applied the Q torpedo but could very well be mistaken.

Please clarify your vote.
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