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Your ****ing b****ing Irish is tired. I am looking into it. I interpreted the rules that from round 8 forward any non voter got a 2 point penalty. But that it didn't accumulate. I have a text to JCM for his clarification. I did fin the miscalculation though and it applied to his votes. His new adjusted tally this round USING my criteria is 7 votes. If his damage accumulated the vote would go to 9 and it would be a tie. I think the tie breaker should be participation. But I will wait for JCM to weigh in.

By the way I also am the one who argued my ass off for ghwk to stay.

I don't make the rules of the game up. I just track the votes. I have complained about how many voting options there are now for several rounds. It makes tallying tedious, and quite frankly the amount of ****ing b****ing you guys do makes it not ****ing worth it.

So shut the **** up, sit tight, and we will see how this plays out in the morning.
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