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Watermock - RIP

Ok so here is the vote breakdown:

Phaser Votes
Dbroncos4Life Phibacka31 x3
Broncosteven Bmoremanning x3
Irish Stout Heyneck x3
Rabb No Vote
ghwk Bmoremanning x3
Bmoremanning Irish Stout x3
Dr. Bronc No Vote
Phibacka Dr. Broncenstein x3
Gunns Phibacka x1 Bmoremanning x2
Heyneck Dr. Broncenstein x3
Ludo21 Broncoman4Ever x3
Quoydogs ghwk x3

Additional damage given out:

Irish Stout (Q's special Photon) Bmoremanning x4
Ghwk (Saved Photon) Bmoremanning x9
Phibacka (Saved Photon) Dr Bronc x9
Heyneck (Saved Proton) Dr Bonc x9
Ludo21 (Saved Proton) BroncoMan4Ever x9
Gunns (Q's special little pain pills) Bmoremanning x2

Additionally the following had damage from the previous rounds pain thingies:
Dr. Bronc (6 total)
Bmoremannig (2 Total)

Remember everyone got a shield this round who voted and some people got extra damage for using items like a photon or Q's special pain pill.

Heyneck carried over 2 damage from missing the vote in round 8

*You will note that Rabb didn't vote. That is what the debate between JCM and myself was. It was whether or not he should go home for skipping a vote. But we have set a precedent by not killing off no votes immediately. For several people I think it was good we didn't. If Rabb had gotten any kind of votes he would have gone home. But he hadn't missed a vote before and got absolutely 0 votes this round. That ended up being the deciding factor on ghwk going home instead. Dr. Bronc didn't vote either but he died no matter what.
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