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Watermock - RIP

Alright the vote is in. Sorry about the delay but when you have so many damn options to vote is sucks.

So two came back some weirdo named Q passed some stuff out and apparently you guys got 30 votes this round. Which results in the following

After applying all the phasers, torpedoes, pain pills, and then shields I am pretty sure with 99.2% confidence that the Damage to the ships is as follows:

USS Dortoh - 23
USS Watermock - 25
USS Majik - 41
USS McGaffney - 2

That means the top damaged members from the USS Dortoh, Watermock, and Majik go home. Then on top of that the next highest damaged goes home.

So bid toodoolooo to the following:

USS Majik - Dr. Broncenstein
USS Watermock - Bmoremanning
USS Dortoh - BroncoMan4Ever
Next highest vote getter after - Ghwk

Voter breakdown (holy balls that is going to be insane will follow later)
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