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Originally Posted by broncosteven View Post
I stand and ask Q all powerfull to hear my testimony.

DBroncos4life has sullied and disparaged the name of the great Gene Kranz, his evil powers forced an otherwise docile mortal into such a rage that, I myself Broncosteven, became unhinged and a reckless threat to the stability and sanctity of the continuum.

Q, I have used my time in death to review my actions and I cannot abide by them. While DB4L may only be 1 degree of separation from a rat I cannot stoop to the ways of my past, even if he decided to betray me by siding with Liberal Kiddie REQ in the early rounds. I cannot call DB4L out for being a belly of a pig that he honors in his avatar.

I have spent my time over the last 4 days reading Earnest Hemingway's novel "For Whom The Bell Tolls". Robert Jordan had the steely eyed determination of the great Gene Kranz in his zeal to blow up the bridge. Robert Jordan had no truck with Pablo who showed fear and weakness upon their first meeting, the wife of Pablo showed the true courage and cojones. I would love to see the wife of Pablo's cojones placed on the lips of DB4L that he may taste the power of forgiveness. I no longer want to show fear or weakness, I want the steely determination of a test pilot/flight director. I want to be like the old man Anselmo who is sure of himself, humble, yet determined to do the right thing even if it is the hardest thing he ever had to do.

I will redeem mankind and your awesome power by remaining humble and not letting the smell of bacon, however heavenly it is, sway me from my task of helping another man reach the goal of winning this grand game.

I will conclude my appeal to the great Q with one of Anselmo's quotes: To kill them teaches nothing," Anselmo said. "You cannot exterminate them because from their seed comes more with greater hatred. Prison is nothing. Prison only makes hatred. That all our enemies should learn."

Mankind gains nothing by killing off Survivor voters who do not know better than to leak and pass out information quicker and more frequently than a cheap whore.

Q, you showed the highest mercy when you revived myself and the other loser Bacon Bacon. If you shower me with your gifts I will prove that I can be humble and trusted.
You have shown proper respect. Very unusual for your species.
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