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Originally Posted by Irish Stout View Post
Alright Q - I'll bite.

You want me to judge another player openly and honestly in this thread on this game for a "gift".

I will judge my most feared enemy herein, Bmore Manning.

Bmore is probably a swell human being, if one were to meet him in person. But he lives in Baltimore, presumably, and thus, who would want to meet him. And Baltimore, as pictured on the HBO series the Wire, is nothing more than a drug riddled city filled with corruption and back stabbers from the dregs of the gutter to the seats of political power. The city is just north of D.C., and as such it is just barely north of the corruption and scandal that lace the backwaters of the swamp that is our nation's capital.

Bmore has done little to fuel my animosity of him in this game, but he has done enough. His early rounds failed voting showed an extreme lack of commitment that should never be rewarded, but allowed him to stay in the game while greater players crumbled around him. I attacked him openly and honestly in round 3 and his response via PM was that I was a rat who brought down Kaylore. This was a true sign of fear. To call one a rat when they clearly attack from the front with no hidden motives, it shows his true nature, that he is afraid.

If I am off his ship, I will resume my attack on Bmore in full force. While I am on his ship, I will work to bring him down from the inside. There is no secret there. If I do not end Bmore's time in the game, he will find a way to end mine.

What more do you want?
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