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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by houghtam View Post
First off, I should have said the prosecution is using the statements he made to create blah blah blah.

I don't have the audio memorized or in front of me, but his statement of "these a-holes always get away with this" Nothing wrong with that statement (and there are a few others like it) may be interpreted by the jurors as Zimmerman electing to follow Martin with a design on getting revengethat's totally possible, rather than simply performing the duties of a neighborhood watch captain, which we learned from the testimony of the liaison on day one are to watch and listen, not follow or engage.the testimony from the HOA rep refutes your statement

I don't really have a dog in the race one way or the otherme either other than the gun rights aspect of it and the criminal activity of NBC...the court of public opinion...yours, mine, peace's...doesn't matter a bit in this. I find it more interesting to study the rhetoric (or - knock knock - lack thereof) of the case.
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