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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Learn the difference between nominal and effective tax rate. Even your link doesn't understand.
Corporations don't pay taxes, only the consumers do.

Much like the higher cost of labour will be passed on so will higher taxes, so by raising taxes on corporations you hurt most the people you are trying to help.

A few years ago up here there was talk of a $2.00 tax per blank CD, within days stores had started charging it, the ones that didn't quickly sold out of stock, then when they got new stock in they charged the tax that didn't exist two. It took the government coming out and saying it wasn't going to happen and to stop the gouging for them to stop. It was a rough 2 months trying to find cd's and dvd's. Small businesses were the first ones to jack up the rates, walmart and best buy were the last to get in on the gouging.
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