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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Bull****. As I've been saying, if you (while armed) follow and harass someone (your opinion (who's not armed) and not only have no authority to do sowrong, you don't need authority to follow someone, but are specifically told by authorities NOT to do so (like Zimmerman)he was told by a 911 operator not to pursue the guy, not the police. Even still not illegal, then you get your ass kicked as a result, it's not self-defense it became self-defense when he thought his life was in danger if you then shoot that person. The unarmed Martin was the one in a position of self-defenseeyewitness testimony does not support this claim since it was the armed Zimmerman who initiated an unwantedyour opinion, Zimmerman says MArtin came back to look for him, unauthorized pursuit of himAgain this is nonsense. By your idiotic logic, a mugger who has the tables turned on him by his victim could shoot that victim and then claim self-defense. Trayvon was the one rightfully in self-defense modeyour opinion, whether or not he was on top during the scuffleactually it does matter.
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