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Originally Posted by BroncoInferno View Post
Exactly, which is why nyuk nyuk is a lunatic. Zimmerman had NO authority to pursue Martin. If someone whom you never met aggressively initiates unwanted contact with you, you kick their ass (i.e. defend yourself), then they shoot you, that is not "self-defense" on their part. By that logic, any mugger who gets his ass kicked and shoots someone could plead self-defense. That only works in the warped, depraved mind of bigots like nyuk nyuk.
Zimmerman went looking for trouble, Martin was minding his own business and walking home, no actual or intent in committing any crime other than walking back home. I think those that side with Zimmerman's actions have a cowboy/hero complex, Zimmerman's gun gave him the self delusion of authority and license to engage Martin and anybody else that his deluded mind told him too.
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