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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
This is a thread about whether or not we should raise the min wage to 15 bucks. You seemed to be arguing that would be a good thing.
Let's see. I didn't start the thread. I never said I agreed with $15 min wage, and in fact, I already went over this with you...

That you can't follow a simple conversation is not my problem, dumbass.

I prompted you again to see if you would own up to your original mistake. Instead you launch into more sillyness.

Then at same time you talk proper debating you use name calling all over the place.
There's a difference between TONE and content. I have no problem telling someone they are a dumbass when they behave like a dumbass. I also back it up with actual content, and don't rely on ad hominem as an argument.

So trying to figure out where you are coming from is tough Ms Fed. You are just like Obama no wonder you love him so much.
Show me where I've professed to "love" Obama.
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