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I suggest some of you re-read (or, in many cases, read for the first time) the 2nd article I linked (below). I just re-read myself and Felix Salmon is making many of the same points myself and others are trying to make. Then, if you disagree, argue directly against these enumerated points.

This here, for example, is almost exactly one of the things I was trying to explain earlier in the thread:

...a higher minimum wage would be good for employment. A $450 billion stimulus, delivered directly into the hands of the Americans most likely to spend it, can’t help but create jobs across the economy. Of course, as in any healthy economy, there will be a birth/death model: some employers will see demand soar, while others will see their costs rise and their margins shrink. But there’s empirical evidence to suggest that states which raise the minimum wage when unemployment is high — when there’s a lot of slack in the labor force — then you get faster job growth than in the country as a whole.
(Pony should particularly take note of the underlined part...)
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