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The Mc Rib

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
For some reason it's okay to increase the CEO's pay by 430%,
I dont recall ever saying that

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
If demand for your product goes up then you sell more of your product and you therefore potentially make more money. Even though the profit per unit of product you sell may go down because of the increase in wages, you could possibly still make as much or more money.
So do things the Walmart way ? sell many things for very little money and make alot of money, well which is it ? is Walmart the most evil company ever or are they a model that we should be following ?

Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Nice straw man. Try again.
Not at all, why do you think containers of everything have been getting smaller and smaller, costs have gone up, rather than raising prices they have been shrinking product sizes.

Go to the supermarket and take a look at anything from cleaners, to soda pop, to potato chips, to dog food, I bet the container is smaller than it was 2 years ago. Chips went from 200g to 180, to 170, to 160, and now they have a new super size bag, at triple the price that's 200g. Mr Clean went from a 1 L bottle, to an 843ml bottle to a 750 ml bottle. Orange juice is doing the same thing.

Its only in some liberal utopia dream land that you can increase costs of raw materials without showing an increase cost in the final product. In the real world that doesn't work.
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