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Originally Posted by Fedaykin View Post
Pretty sad I have to explain this to a "highly successful business owner". This is econ 101 bub.
You do realize there are those that teach econ 101 and there are those that do it in the real word. For 30 years I’ve known exactly what my “cost of sale “on any and all products and services I offer to my customers. I also know exactly what percent of profit I need to keep my business running at an optimum level and year after year I prosper when others in my field fall by the wayside.

FYI there is members of the Mane that have used my business so your claim of BS is completely false. Raise the minimum wage or my taxes and I will still be in business and continue to pass the increase on to the consumer.

I guarantee Houghtam’s boss knows exactly what the “cost of sale” on a box of popcorn is and what profit margin he needs to maintain to cover Houghtam’s minimum wage.
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