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I think our difference lies in your general distrust of authority and that the "state" is pushing a propaganda issue, which I don't believe. Every high school (or i assume the vast majority) teaches math, history, english, so on...and current events should be equally as important, ESPECIALLY considering our current society. Its a launching point for so many important topics. If you're afraid that a teacher might inject bias into his/her teachings, its a fair point, but he could do that on a multitude of subjects that already exist.

As far as sex ed goes, this is an issue that can help with very tangible problems such as teen pregnancy and STDs. In my high school, we had mandatory health and i found it very helpful.
Look at the history of the world, man. Its not a matter of if the state will engage in propaganda but when. And if the citizenry isn't free to walk away in good conscience, regardless of what's being taught, then we've lost everything.
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