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Originally Posted by Pony Boy View Post
Please do me a favor and ask to speak at your next local chamber of commerce meeting and present this concept to all the local business owners in your area. Please let me know how this goes over with tax paying business owners.

I know what you are getting at, you want the Feds to force this down our throats and control our profit margins? Supply and demand is evil right?
No, I want business owners to stop subsidizing their businesses with public dollar while simultaneously b****ing about people using social programs. Guess what happens when you pay your employees a living wage? Less tax is needed for social programs.

Also, don't lecture me about supply and demand. You've already proven you don't have a clue about it -- when you talk about your "constant profit". Unless you have a business with 100% inelastic demand you are full of **** about changing your prices and maintaining the same profit margin.
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