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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Let me reframe it for you in the context of our discussion.

Kids go to Catholic schools. Lots of them. And there are many other private schools, secular and faith-based. I only use Catholic schools because they're probably the largest group of like-minded private schools in the Country.

Anyway, the kids in these schools are undoubtedly already taught some version of current events. And just as undoubtedly, the selection of and perspective given on those events is different from what a State or Federal government would ever devise for a public classroom. The same principle would apply to sex education.

When I asked if you would ban Catholic schools, in effect I was asking whether you would allow any significant variation from what was described as a state-sanctioned "mandatory" syllabus.

You followed up by saying that current events and sex ed should indeed be 'mandatory' But maybe I misread what you meant, so let me follow up.

Are you saying that children should be forced to learn a state-defined course of education in sex ed and current events with no substantive variation allowed?
I think our difference lies in your general distrust of authority and that the "state" is pushing a propaganda issue, which I don't believe. Every high school (or i assume the vast majority) teaches math, history, english, so on...and current events should be equally as important, ESPECIALLY considering our current society. Its a launching point for so many important topics. If you're afraid that a teacher might inject bias into his/her teachings, its a fair point, but he could do that on a multitude of subjects that already exist.

As far as sex ed goes, this is an issue that can help with very tangible problems such as teen pregnancy and STDs. In my high school, we had mandatory health and i found it very helpful.
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