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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
Young children continually challenge the difference between "That's stupid" and "You're stupid"

I think for the most part they figure out the difference around 2nd-3rd grade. But keep trying. You'll get there.

(that last part was an ad hominem, for your reference, just in case you need it for your next session as OM Language Professor )

You've just more and more proving your ignorance.

If you want to call me shallow instead of actually addressing my position. Go right ahead. But that's exactly what an ad hominem is. Silly hand waving trying to pretend you weren't doing that is not convincing anyone. It just shows how little integrity you have.

If you want to have some modicum of integrity (and provide a non fallacious argument), then actually address what I was saying.

So, do you have any integrity Beavis or are you happy to rest on an ad hominem?
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