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Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has avoided making comparisons between Peyton Manning and the guy who used to throw Welker passes in New England, but that doesnít mean he wonít talk about what itís like to play with Manning.

It shouldnít come as much of a surprise that Welker overflows with compliments when he does. We may be in the dark about whether Welker thinks Manning or Tom Brady is the better quarterback, but Welker left no doubt that heís found Manning to be every inch the quarterback he used to watch the Patriots defense try to beat.

ďItís everything you thought,Ē Welker said, via the Broncos website. ďThe balls are just so accurate and you come out of your break and the ball is just there. Itís almost like a long handoff sometimes. He definitely makes it easy on you.Ē

Having a quarterback that makes life easier for you isnít the only thing thatís contributed to a smooth transition from New England to Denver. Manning says the Broncos have taken things from tape that the Patriots did with Welker and installed them into their own playbook, something that only adds to the feeling that the Broncos offense is poised for a big 2013 season with the Manning-Welker connection playing a prime role.

Welker said the transition has been smooth.

And now that he's in orange and blue, he's making sure he does everything he can to help the team finish the year the way it wants.

"I know in Denver we have high expectations and people have high expectations for us," Welker said. "Itís a good spot you want to be in."
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