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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I'm not sure what anyone here is really for or against. But there are some pretty incredibly ridiculous ideas out there.

In reality, each kid is different. And as a parent, you need to be conscious of where your kid is as you communicate this stuff to them. School-based sex ed should only serve as a backup, teaching what most good parents likely already taught. It should only exist because in the real world (sadly) there's a good chunk of kids out there whose parents don't give a crap either way.

In this example (Chicago) though, they're preempting what most parents would consider to be appropriate timing. I guess in the name of getting the State's version of events in first. Just another case of public schools using incredibly poor judgement that harms kids to ultimately political ends.

Which is why none of it should ever be made mandatory for any reason.
As long as the "state's version" of sex Ed is based on science, it most certainly SHOULD be mandatory.

You wouldn't believe some of the answers kids gave in my health class in high school. And this is at a parochial school where people's parents are supposedly at home teaching them the "right" sex Ed straight from god's mouth. I can only imagine what those heathen public school kids' parents taught them. But in either case, it wasn't based on anything you could call "science".

I think the real problem here is that you and every other parent out there opposed to someone teaching your kids about their bodies is that you're confusing science with morality. It's the equivalent of not wanting your kid to learn evolution because the bible says we didn't come from monkeys.
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