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At first glance I understand where you're coming from. But I don't think the focus needs to be on sexuality. Whether love or a marriage is gay or straight shouldn't really make a difference, should it? Why does one bring forth more sexuality than the other?
I've had kindergartners. And one had a kid in his class with two dads (so to speak.) And for the most part, at that age, it doesn't even occur to most of them that there's anything right or wrong with that, to the extent they even know about it. It just is what it is. Lots of other kids only have a mom. Or foster parents. Or guardian grandparents.

I'm not sure why we have to draw up pigeonholes from our own preconceptions right off the bat and force our kids into them. Let them have their own experiences and give them time to ask their own questions. That's the best way to learn (especially around good parents)

The state's role is the backstop, not the center. They're only there just in case the best method got skipped.
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